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Production of flexible plastic profiles

Always the flagship of our company, flexible profiles, seals and gaskets are some of the most popular products among companies and professionals in the industry, who use them for a wide variety of uses.

Plasticol offers about 1500 different articles, all of which can be customized in every detail, such as size, hardness (shore), thickness and length. In addition, our soft profiles are available in 150 different RAL and Pantone colors, thus meeting the demands of all industrial applications.

Plasticol’s team is available to customers for consultations related to the creation and development of custom-made products. 

Our extruded soft plastic profiles, tubes, gaskets and conduits

Discover the wide selection of extruded plastic profiles, tubes, gaskets and soft liners made by Plasticol. All products can be customized.

 Raw Materials

Here are the flexible raw materials we manufacture:


Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is one of the most widely used plastic materials worldwide. The main properties that make this raw material so functional and widespread are impermeability to liquids, gases and vapors, flexibility, electrical insulation, good resistance to heat (-15/80°C) and chemicals, longevity, ease of recycling and cost-effectiveness. It finds application in building, machinery, fashion, food, furniture, medical, and almost every industrial application.

Our company can supply any hardness between 50 and 97 Shore. Upon request, we can offer to our customers PVC extruded profiles with the following properties:


  • Anti-UV and climate factors 
  • Flame-resistant 
  • Resistant to oils and hydrocarbons
  • Mold and antibacterial resistant
  • Resistant to both low (-40°C) and high (+ 125°C) temperatures
  • Food contact (AL) 
  • Reduced migration
  • Special compounds 


Low-density polyethylene is the second most widely used plastic material in the world. The properties that make it so attractive in industry are its dimensional stability, processability, lightness, low coefficient of friction, and excellent resistance to chemicals agents. Moreover, It is waterproof and very resilient. It’s operational temperature is between – 15/80°C. Based on its molecular weight, polyethylene has many industrial applications.


Polyurethane is also defined as a thermoplastic elastomer. Our polyurethanes have excellent hydrolytic stability, flexibility even at low temperatures and excellent resistance to micro-organisms, excellent abrasion resistance and tear strength, good cushioning ability and high ease of recycling. In addition, some of our polyurethanes are halogen-free flame retardants, while all possess excellent elastic memory and high twisting endurance. Compared to PVC, polyurethane turns out to be lighter, and more resistant to both cold and hot long-lasting since it has an average 50 years lifecycle. 

That’s why this material, unlike PVC, is compliant even with the most stringent TPS and ZDHC MRSL regulations used in the industrial and fashion sector, respectively. Overall, these regulations aim to incentivize and promote a production chain to create better-finished products.

Our company can supply the following hardness (shore): 60, 65, 70, 80, 85, 88 and 90.


Thermoplastics elastomers combine the properties of the widespread vulcanized rubber with the advantages of A thermoplastics compound (i.e. easiness of recycling and range of colors available). TPE have an excellent compression set, elastic memory, low and high-temperature endurance (-30/130°C), long-lasting life, lightness and mechanical performance in severe conditions. That’s why TPE is a suitable raw material for industrial components, machinery household appliances, automotive and overall industrial accessories. Our company can offer TPE with different performances, mechanical properties, hardness and colors based on our customer’s final application.


Vinyl acetate and ethylene (EVA) is a thermoplastic material used in many industrial applications. This raw material has a long lifecycle and excellent endurance to chemical agents and abrasion. It has good resistance to cold temperatures (- 30°C), while it has scarce resistance to heat (50°C). Its key strengths are its eco-sustainability and its high hygienic degree. That’s why it is widely used in refrigerators and the overall food industry.

Recycled materials

Soft recycled PVC

For the production of extruded soft PVC profiles, pipes and gaskets, Plasticol can also offer to its customers the recycled PVC option, which maintains most of the characteristics of the virgin material at a lower price. The hardness of the recycled PVC can vary from 70 to 85 shore points, and the color is likely black or dark grey. Flexible Recycled PVC is mainly suitable for all those industrial applications where our products are covered or hidden from the end customer’s eyes.

Recycled LDPE

For the production of profiles, pipes, gaskets and extruded soft liners, Plasticol also offers customers the recycled polyethylene option, which retains the same characteristics as the base material at a lower price. This material is also mainly suitable for all those industrial applications where our products are covered or hidden from the end customer’s eye.

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