SINCE 1959

Plasticol, a company with a passion for sustainability

Specialized in the production of plastic profiles, seals and gaskets, Plasticol has always stood out with its commitment to minimising the company footprint.

Our company is proud to have created a production plant with reduced environmental impact where no single drop of water is wasted thanks to a closed circuit. Moreover, almost all the manufacturing wastes are shredded and re-introduced back into the production process to give life to recycled products. 

In support of our green vision, Plasticol took another step toward total energy sustainability for the company in 2020. The brand new solar panel plant consisting of 408 panels, designed specifically for internal self-consumption, allows the company to cover around 80% of its total energy needs. The remaining 20% is purchased from an Italian energy provider that supplies exclusively energy generated from certified renewable sources. For these reasons, Plasticol can proudly claim to be an energy-neutral company. 

Our energy savings and impact on the environment

tons of Coal saved

tons of co2 saved