Plastic coextrusion

Since its foundation in 1959, Plasticol, company located in Samarate and leader in the plastic extrusion market, has been offering its clients everything they need to build up amazing businesses. The keys to our success are the professionalism of the team who work for us and the great quality of the materials we use to manufacture every single product. Thanks to these two factors, our clients have exponentially increased over the years, helping us expand our business worldwide.

However, Plasticol is much more than wonderful employees and top quality raw materials; what draws in clients the most is the great variety of our catalog. This particular trait made it possible for Plasticol to work with many different companies, each of them specialized in a different industry field.

In particular, Plasticol’s clients seem to enjoy very much our coextruded plastic products. Let’s find out more about this kind of goods and how their production process works.

Plastic coextrusion: what are coextruded products?

Coextruded products are the result of the combination of different plastic polymers. These polymers, which are manufactured in separate extrusion processes, are then mixed using a mold, that can be either circular or flat depending on the type of product the clients asked for.

Coextruded products are very popular in many different fields because of their unique nature: since their layers are made of different materials, coextruded goods have in them the all the same characteristics of said materials, which is a very convenient trait.

Based on what their purpose is, coextruded plastic products are made of a varied number of layers. Moreover, Plasticol’s team plans prefer using compatible plastic materials when it comes to coextruded goods, which means we use substances that have similar physicochemical characteristics. This way we assure great quality items, not even comparable to the ones whose layers are sealed together by the use of glue.

Plastic coextrusion: how does the process work and who uses coextruded products

As we said before, coextrusion products are made out of layers of different kinds of plastic. Those layers are made separately and are joined together afterwords. How are they united, you may ask? Thanks to a mold that seals the parts together using heat and pressure as gluing agents.

Among the sectors in which coextruded products are most commonly used there are the beauty industry, the personal hygiene sector, the chemical field and the food industry. The reasons why coextruded products are so popular in those fields are different and various but among them, there is the ability of these products to resist the action of chemicals, their ability to preserve flavors and the fact that having different layers helps to create a barrier among the packaging and the product itself.


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