Plastic granules manufacturing process

In general, the extrusion of pipes, cables, gaskets and plastic profiles always starts from plastic granules. These minuscule pieces can be made of any type of plastic material. For example, Plasticol has 12 productions lines, each one reserved to a specific kind of plastic and this helps us to totally satisfy our clients’ requests, especially when it comes to the choice of the material used to manufacture the finished goods.

In fact, Plasticol’s customers can count on a great variety of materials that help them create their perfect product: from plastic coated to rigid PVC, from ABS to polyethylene, from polypropylene to polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber, who turns to Plasticol knows that they can pick the perfect material for the purpose the extruded product was conceived.

That’s not all, Plasticol offers to all its clients a personalized assistance service through which our experts can suggest the perfect material to use in order to create a certain product.

Plastic granules: how are they manufactured?

Even though Plasticol manufactures several plastic materials, the production process is quite similar for all of them; the two things that change are the plastic powder and the additives (the substances added to guarantee that the final product has all the physicochemical properties requested by the client) used to create the granules.

Once we create the mixture, we heat the substance and immediately cool it off. The next phase consists in the exsiccation of the material that is then cut into tiny pieces. The plastic granules are ready to be used.

One of the most appreciated pluses that Plasticol offers to its clients is the internal production of the plastic granules. Why, may you ask? Because we can control each and every phase of the process so to be sure to provide only top quality products to customers. Moreover, our clients can personalize even the smallest detail, such as the color of the plastic and the physicochemical properties of the extruded products, which comes very handy when clients need highly customized products.

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