Extruded plastic products made of polyethylene

Extruded plastic products of any kind are commonly used in many industrial fields and this is the reason why the demand of these objects is extremely high. Although ever more companies request the products to complete their manufacturing process, the businesses that work in the extruding sector are not many and most of them use only a limited number of plastic types.

Plasticol is one of the few companies in Italy that has 12 production lines, each one of them destined to a specific material. One of the plastics that is more often used to create gaskets, films, and pipes is polyethylene and our business is able to supply these elements to all the industries that need them.

Let’s find out why extruded polyethylene products are so requested and all their uses.

Extruded polyethylene products: characteristics

Nowadays, polyethylene is the most common plastic and that’s because of the many characteristics that make it extremely useful and simple to use.

Polyethylene has high impact strength as well as high ductility, for example. It also has a really low coefficient of friction. Using some additives, the characteristics of polyethylene can be changed and it can be made more hard and rigid if needed.

One of the main problems with this material is its melting point which is usually around 80°C. This really low temperature can be also altered thanks to the addition of other chemical substances.

Moreover, polyethylene is completely waterproof and it is a really good electrical insulant.

Extruded polyethylene products: the uses

Depending on its use, polyethylene can be extruded using several of molds. One one the most common type of extruded polyethylene product is the film one which is often used to manufacture kitchen gadgets such as sandwich bags, cling wrap, and food containers in general.

Other industrial uses of polyethylene are the manufacturing of pipes and cables, especially conceived to be used when water is involved (water system in a house for example). This specific shape of molded plastic comes in handy also in the health care industry since it’s often used for the production of medical tubes or sample tubes.
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