The extrusion process can revolve around much different plastic materials such as ABS, PVC, polyethylene, and polyurethane. Since we have already talked about the first three, we will now talk about the last one and how Plasticol manufactures diverse products using this material.

Here you can find everything there is to know about polyurethane; we’re going to explain the characteristics of extruded polyurethane products and after that their uses in different industrial fields.

But first of all, we should try to understand who is Plasticol and why it is so special. This company is, in fact, one of the few industry in Italy that has on its catalogue several types of products and that is able to create them using 12 different lines of production located in its headquarters. Plasticol even offers other services such as digital printing on the finished products and the chance to pick the colour of the plastic in use.

Extruded polyurethane products: the characteristics

Polyurethane is a polymer made of organic components. Based on the percentage of its components the characteristics of the polymer can change. Overall, polyurethane is a very resilient material that is able to bear extremely high pressure. It is also very useful because of its vibration control and impact resistance, both present at high and low temperatures, and because it is easy to mold.

The abrasion resistance is also great and that is the reason why this material is used in those industrial fields in which tear and wear are very common problems. Tension and compression don’t damage goods made of polyurethane, since it can change shape and go back to its original one immediately after the force applied stops.

Extruded polyurethane products: industrial fields

Where is polyurethane used? Actually, there are many industrial fields in which it is widely employed. First of all, the automotive one uses it to create suspension pads, bushings and drive belts.

In the oil and gas exploration sector, extruded polyurethane products are extremely useful to manufacture fluid separation pigs and hydraulic seals, for example.

Moreover, sheets made of this particular material can be used to build chute liners, essential components of industrial machinery in general or in power tools used in the construction fields in which a high abrasion resistance is needed.

Extruded goods manufactured with polyurethane make our day to day life easier without us even knowing it: they are used to build printers and even ATM’s parts!

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