Plastic drawing: everything there is to know about it

Plasticol, located in Samarate, near Varese, is one of the most well-known Italian businesses in the plastic extrusion field. Whether the raw material is PVC, polyurethane, ABS or polyethylene, Plasticol is able to create great quality and sturdy products, commonly used in many different industrial sectors, such as pipes, cables, and gaskets.

Other than extrusion, to manufacture those amazing finished goods that we sell to our international clients Plasticol’s workmen use another popular technique called drawing. The goods obtained through the plastic drawing process are very similar to the ones obtained through extrusion. In Plasticol we combine the two manufacturing processes, so to offer only perfect products to our clients: both extrusion and drawing are essential processes in order to provide all finished items with some very important characteristics.

Plastic drawing: how does the process work?

Drawing is a very simple procedure which uses tensile forces to stretch materials. This process may involve many types of materials such as metal, glass and, obviously, plastic. We can refer to this last specific process as plastic drawing or cold drawing.

The type of force used in this last process is the main difference between drawing and extrusion, in fact, the first one stretches the material whereas the second compresses it.

After the extruder is done doing its job, workmen put the goods into the plastic drawing machinery which drags them into a mold that is smaller in diameter and thickness than the extruded items.

Based on the clients’ needs, the extruded products can be shaped using a mold that can change their thickness (in this case we use a cylindrical tube-expander) or both their diameter and thickness (in this case we use a conical tube-expander).

The drawing process starts with tapering one end of the extruded plastic good, so it’s easier for the machinery to pull it in. Once the equipment is switched on, the hooks grab the product and drag it into the mold.

Plasticol likes to offer the best service possible to its clients and that’s the reason why we use only the most efficient machinery available on the market; in this particular process we use a special time-saving equipment, able to perform tandem drawing on our extruded products. The drawn products are then stored and, if requested by the client, can undergo a digital print process.

Thanks to our team of professionals, Plasticol guarantees to all its clients excellent quality products that meet even the highest standards.

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