Plasticol and polyurethane gaskets 

Plastic extruded products are many and various. Among them, there are pipes, cables, generic profiles but also plastic frames. Gaskets are also manufactured through this process and they are essential components in many different fields since they avoid fluid leaks from any kind of conduit.

Plasticol, a factory located in Samarate, is one of the most important producers of polyurethane gaskets in Italy. The ones manufactured in Plasticol’s headquarters are resistant and build to last decades. They are also created to bear those extremely high pressures and mechanical loads which are inevitable after they are installed. Plasticol offers highly customized services to its clients: each person is able to decide the quantity and the size of the gaskets so to satisfy the needs of their businesses.

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Why we chose polyurethane for our gaskets?

Polyurethane is an elastomer whose main characteristic is the presence of urethane links which keep the structure of the polymer stable. Moreover, the material resists greatly to abrasion, hydrolysis, cuts, and laceration. It is also very versatile and it can be used in a wide thermal interval (-20°C/+70°C).

All these features ensure to the people who use polyurethane gaskets an outstanding watertight seal characteristic. They are almost impossible to deform and also simple to install.

Polyurethane gaskets extrusion

The polyurethane gasket extrusion process is a particularly tricky one, since it has to guarantee that the final product is able to almost hermetically insulate the internal environment from the external one. For this specific reason, the frames of the gaskets have to be cut accurately and without any imperfection.

Plasticol guarantees always perfectly cut and shaped components, both because we use great quality materials and because we are a company that pays attention to every single detail. The machinery used for this process is up to date and thanks to that Plasticol can satisfy any of our clients’ requests. Adding other substances to the polyurethane we are also able to change its basic characteristics. Moreover, the molds are also specifically selected to guarantee that the gaskets correspond to the clients’ needs.

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