PVC extruded products

Plastic extrusion is one of the main processes on which many industries rely to create their products. In the construction field, extruded goods are used every day in order to provide a livable and comfortable home: electricity cables, water hoses, windows fixtures and many other products are manufactured through this process, for example.

One of the most used materials when it comes to plastic extrusion is PVC. Other than being such a cheap material, PVC is extensively used because it provides heat and electrical insulation, it has great flexibility, and it has an amazing tensile as well as design stress properties.

There is a company in the northern part of Italy that is in charge of the PVC extrusion process when it comes to the manufacturing of cables, pipes, profiles, gaskets and other similar products; its name is Plasticol and it has become through the years a real leader in the sector.

PVC extrusion process: how it works

Plasticol headquarters can rely on 12 different extrusion lines, one of which is exclusively destined to the creation of PVC products. The substances that PVC is made of need to be handled with great care because they can be very dangerous for people’s health and that’s why Plasticol uses additives to stabilize the mixture.

Once the PVC granules are safe to use, the experienced team of workmen that works for the company can start the extrusion process based on each client’s specific request. After melting the little beads, the plastic is molded in the selected shape and then cut to length. The machinery used for this type of process is called extruder.

Along with the simple PVC extrusion process, we offer our clients many different services, such as dyeing the plastic, the digital printing on the surface of finished good, and its packaging. We can also offer a heat welding service, extremely useful when it comes to manufacture great quality and precise customized products.

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