PVC granules

PVC is one of the most used plastics in the industry sector. Plasticol, an Italian company located near Varese has been manufacturing PVC granules for more than 50 years now and the experience accumulated over the years allowed the business to gain such a deep level of know-how that we can now use it to satisfy all the clients’ requests offering innovative and reliable products.

PVC granules: the characteristics of the material

The fact that PVC is widely used for the production of many different objects shows how its intrinsic characteristics are extremely useful and special. Let’s start talking about the rigidity of PVC: the material is very stiff if pure but it becomes flexible if mixed with other substances. This distinctive trait makes PVC suitable for the manufacturing of products used in different fields, from the building one to the automotive one.

However, not each peculiarity of the substance is convenient. The melting temperature of this polymer is pretty low, which makes PVC unsuitable for those environments where extremely high temperatures can be reached.

Moreover, hazards can originate from the fact that, if overheating, PVC releases molecules of chlorine as hydrochloric acid or dioxin. Coming into contact with this substance could cause irreparable health issues.

To make the polymer compatible with its industrial production, it is mixed with stabilisers, plasticisers, colorants, and lubricants which help in the manufacturing process as well as in making PVC more pliable and less prone to wear and tear.

PVC granules: the production

Based on its characteristics and its dangerousness, PVC granules have to be produced in specialized plants. Plasticol has a production line solely dedicated to this plastic material.

The first stage of the manufacturing of PVC granules consists of the creation of long tubes of material made through a special extrusion plant. The next step consists of cutting the plastic in really small beads. The process is actually really simple, but it is extremely important to use caution when handling the material, taking fundamental precautions that may make it more complicated.

If you’re interested in buying granulated PVC that respects all the safety standards call Plasticol.

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