PVC pipes

For over 50 years Plasticol has been one of the most successful and well-known firms in the plastic extrusion field here in northern Italy. Thanks to its 12 production lines, one of which is dedicated solely to polyvinyl chloride, and the great versatility of our products, the firm has won over the hearts of many clients. Among the products we manufacture there are PVC pipes, finished goods used in a great number of industrial sectors.

PVC pipes: the manufacturing process

The manufacturing of PVC pipes is made through a process called plastic extrusion. We start putting the PVC granules into the hopper of the extruder, where they fall through the feed throat into a barrel in which there is a screw attached to a motor. The movements of the screw cause friction and heath that melt the PVC granules, and make them pliable. The plastic is then pushed through a circular mold designed to obtain a plastic tube hollow on the inside.

During the melting phase, Plasticol’s workmen can add colorants and/or other materials so to obtain a finished good that has the characteristics of both plastics. Once the pipes are cold they are cut to measure following the requests of our clients.

The characteristics of PVC pipes

What are the characteristics that make PVC one of the most used materials in the world? One of the most appreciated traits is its versatility: adding stabilizers and plasticizers we can make PVC pipes more rigid or flexible based on the clients’ needs.

Our pipes are extremely used also because of their stability and safety; in fact, they are waterproof, gasproof, and inert. Moreover, their resistance to fire and corrosive substances makes them very handy.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that PVC pipes are safe for the environment as well as for our health. Their longevity, which goes from 15 to 100 years, and the low energetic consumption makes them a low impact material for our planet.

Even more important is the amazing quality/price ratio that allows everyone to have access to such a great material.

Use of PVC pipes

Given the characteristics of PVC pipes, we can easily understand why they are so used in many different industrial sectors. For example, polyvinyl chloride ducts are used for the production of pumps, but PVC pipes are even more used in the constructions field, where they make the perfect electrical cables and their covers.

Moreover, Plasticol can customize each product according to the client’s requests, changing diameter, thickness, and length of the pipes. A team of expert will suggest the best solution for the declared use.

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