Plastic high-frequency welding

One of the most requested services by Plasticol’s clients is the ultrasonic welding. This process helps us to connect permanently two pieces of plastic material through the action of heat, that changes the physicochemical characteristics of this substance.

Through high-frequency welding, we can join two pieces of a good made of the same material, such as two parts of a pipe, but also components made of two different kind of plastics. This becomes particularly helpful in all those industrial fields in which some goods need to be extra sturdy, resistant and hermetically sealed to work properly.

Plasticol offers a ultrasonic welding service for every kind of material that is normally used in the factory, like PVC, polyethylene, ABS, and polyurethane. All of our extruded goods, without exception, can endure this process with the ultimate goal of creating a final item that is exactly what the clients requested.

Ultrasonic welding: what it is and how it works

High-frequency welding, also known as ultrasonic welding, is a type of soldering based on the action of ultrasounds. The frequencies of the sound waves used in this kind of soldering are between 15 kHz and 40 kHz. These waves help to create heat, which is then used to melt the extremities of the plastic components that need to be connected. The process is a very simple one, and it gives extremely good results in no time at all.

Let’s see how the ultrasonic welding process works. The process starts with the positioning of the elements that need to be soldered together on top of each other; then the workmen turn on the high-frequency welding machine: the sonotrode (the component that creates the sound wave) makes the two parts that need to be joined oscillate vertically; this movement produces friction and consequently heat, which are responsible for the melting of the plastic and the union of the two parts.

Plasticol’s technicians put great attention in every phase of this process but they are also extremely careful when it comes to the preliminary stages, so to always obtain excellent and precise results. The machinery used by Plasticol for high-frequency welding is among the most up to date and innovative on the market.

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